Pancake Syrup


It’s so bad…

I should join a 12 step program. really.

but today isn’t about pillowy, warm, melt in your mouth goodness.

Today is about Syrup.


1/2 C Sugar

1/2 C Brown Sugar

1/2 C Corn Syrup

1/2 C Water

2 Tsp of extract (butter, vanilla,  maple, or anything thing your tastebuds dream of…

Combine all ingredients in a small sauce pan and put on medium heat


Constantly stir until it reaches about 210 degree Fahrenheit

At this point you can make your pancakes and let the syrup cool as you cook


Cool it down right now cause your impatient (like me)


To cool,simply fill a bowl with cold water and place pan inside

Stir until it reaches desired temperature and consistency

Then drown your pancakes while they’re still warm



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