Egg McMuffin

I love breakfast. It’s that picker upper that gets you through the morning.


But, who likes to grab a banana as you run out the door… when you can eat a healthy Egg McMuffin.

I always had the hardest time making a perfectly round egg patty. Until Last Week.


Take a cup with a rim that matches the size of your english muffin.


Spray the inside of the cup with cooking spray, crack in an egg, and whisk it.


Take your english muffin (mine are whole wheat to emphasize the healthiness of this recipe), spray cooking spray on a skillet and slightly crisp each side of the muffin.


Take off your bread, spray your pan again, take off fire and flip the pan upside-down, put the rim of the cup against the middle of the pan and flip over, put it back on the fire hold the cup against it so the sides don’t come out, when the egg starts to stiffen take off the cup and cook the other side.


Warm up the bread a little, take a slice of fat free cheese (or full fat), place the egg patty on it, and finally the top of the muffin. Let it sit on low fire until the cheese melts. *you can add sausage or another meat to spice it up


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