Shortbread Cookies

Imagine a cookie that literally MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH. It’s like a magic trick. EVERYONE loved these cookies.


1 C butter
2/3 C powdered sugar
1/4 C cornstarch
1 1/2 C flour

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F


First make sure the butter is room temperature! Don’t put it in the microwave, take some time and let it sit. You will be grateful in the end. When it is softened whip it on medium power for 8 minutes.


I love this picture it remind me of snow. Sift the dry ingredients into the butter after its whipped.


At this point whip on low for one minute and high for 4 minutes.


Using a small scoop place on a cookie sheet covered by a sheet of parchment paper.


Such a pretty batter! Bake them for 12-14 minutes. You just have to make sure they don’t brown. As soon as I spotted a little golden color creppin up on one of the cookies, I took them out.


Let them cool on the cookie sheet for about 5 minutes.  Then CAREFULLY transfer them to fully cool on your serving platter. They can easily break so be very careful. The longer they cool the sturdier they become.


Top with almost anything they can be chocolate dipped, icing covered, or in my case chocolate drizzled.

To make the chocolate drizzle I took about 3 Tb of sweetened chocolate chips (enough for 2 dozen cookies), put them in a ziploc bag, microwaved it in 10 second intervals (massaging the bag in between) until it reached desired consistency, cut a tiny hole in the corner and painted away.


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