Books To Read Before You Die

I woke up today to single digit temperatures and mountains of snow. It’s days like these that I want to curl up in a cozy chair with large fluffy blankets and read to my hearts content (with snacks of course). My puppy on the other hand loves this kind of weather, he has to, his name is Snowball.

He also likes to play the piano if anyone is curious…

DSC_0056 DSC_0054

But the real reason for this post is to share with you a list I have worked on for many years and it will never truly be finished. Since I was a child I have always had a love for books. Some kids were grounded, but I never was. My mom inflicted a cruel punishment that I will never forget… she took away my books. I should add a note here: Hi Mom, I love you, you are the world’s most bestest wonderful mom. I just don’t agree with your parenting sometimes 🙂

I love a modern fantasy, but as I have grown older and wiser (yes, this is debatable). I have come to appreciate the words of classic writers like Homer, Jane Austen (Mr. DaRcY!!!), John Milton, Leo Tolstoy just to name a few. These books have changed my life and allowed me to go on adventures I could never truly have in reality.


So here is my (looooong) list of books you should read before you die:

Book to Read Before You Die



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