Hello everyone what a week!

First off I want to say that being a missionary is the most amazing thing in the world! I love it so much and I already feel that a year and a half is going to whiz by.
The Mexico MTC is actually called the CCM! It is absolutely beautiful here in Mexico! The weather is perfect, there are parrots singing in the trees so you feel like your in the jungle, and there are beautiful flowers and plants everywhere you walk.
DSC_0006 (3)
Im not hittin on the Provo MTC but Mexico is AmAziNg! I am so grateful I am here.
My companions name is Hermana Killingsworth and shes from Omaha, Nebraska!!! What a coincidence, ha ha what am I talking about there are no coincidences here it was definitely fate. She is so sweet and has almost every scripture in the quad memorized. She has done her work on me and in less than a week I have 3 scriptures and the missionary objective memorized in spanish.
DSC_0014 (2)
DSC_0003 (1)
We were throw into cold water when the second day we were here we had to teach TWO investigators IN SPANISH! I bore my testimony in spanish and the spirit felt so strong even our investigator said she felt something, then we were so excited to explain to her what the spirit was that we ended up just confusing her. Our second investigator was a girl our age and it went ALOT better and we didnt even have a plan. We try to improve our spanish by sitting with the hispanic sisters during lunch and last night we had the amazing opportunity to sing hymns and read the scriptures with the ones who live in our casa.
DSC_0016 (6)
Its a lot of hard work here we are in our classrooms by 7 and cant come home until 9:30. I love every minute of it though I have learned so much spanish in the small time I have been here that I am completely confident I will be fluent when I get home.
We also have a lot of fun here. We have done so many crazy things just last night we had FHE with our district. We played signs and ate treats. We have also managed to walk into the boys changing room, ran in the sprinklers, and the CCM mission president stopped us while trying to go home early (in our defense we thought planning time was in our casa´s). I love our district and since were district 12 we regularly make hunger games references.
DSC_0028 (3)
We all tried to keep a serious face and many of us failed.
There is so much more to talk about, but since we are only allowed to spend an hour each pday on the computers I will have to tell you more later!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Carlson

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