Happy Late Easter!

Hello All!

I feel like time is going by so fast but at the same time things that happened last week seem such a long time ago.
This week my companion got sick. We think shes allergic to Mexico because everyday she either has a new injury or sickness. We have our frequent visitor card almost filled up. This time it was a little more serious, we had to leave in the middle of class and go home. She slept most of the day while I studied and cleaned my room. That night she didn’t feel much better so Elder Perryman and Najera gave her a beautiful blessing in our backyard (because the Elders cant come in our house). That night we played MASH and it was really fun. The next day she didn’t feel much better so we stayed home most of the day and played Hide and Seek and she told me about Dr Who. Honestly it was really hard for me to be in the house for almost 3 days, but when I focused on loving my companion and then it wasn’t as hard.
This week we experienced an earthquake! We heard it was a 7.2 but it felt really small. We where sitting in our house when we hard alarms going off but since we heard police cars all the time we just kept getting ready. When I felt the ground start to shake and all us girls just stared at each other. It stopped and then started up again the closet started swaying and the picture frames were shaking. We ran outside to the green circles and I was totally in a tank top because I just jumped out of the shower.
Funny story of the week. During gym we have volleyball tournaments and this particular time I was up by the next and Elder Rasmussen was right behind me. As the ball came towards me it looked a little high so I ducked down so he could get it. Well apparently he dived to get it and instead of hitting it over the net it nailed me in the behind. At that moment half of the entire gym literally fell to the floor laughing and the other half were gasping for breath between laughs. It was soooo funny and poor Rasmussen didn’t know what to do.
This Easter Sunday we woke up and got to our classroom to see yellow plastic bags full of goodies. We found out that our district boys had made us EASTER BASKETS! It was the cutest thing ever. We have the best Elders in the world. Later on in the day we got to watch a wonderful Easter Devotional from President Uctdorf and had a silly photoshoot with our district! We had such a wonderful Dia de Pasqua!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Carlson

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