Mexico Temple

Time is going by so fast! On May 2nd I will have been a missionary for 1 month!! It is so crazy!

Unfortunately my companion got sick again and we had to stay in the house for a day, but this time it wasnt as hard. Thankfully we were able to catch back up with our studies and we are learning more Spanish every day.
This week i hung up all note plates (gracias Gloria) the wall of our casa. It is so inspiring to look up at all the support I have. Thank you to everyone who came to my farewell!
One day we decided we should draw everybody on the board and we all look super cute. The tiny little stick figures are our teachers. We have four two for the morning and two for the afternoon. Hermano Soto y Carmona and Hermana Bernal  y Montoya. They are the best teachers ever and we have so much fun in class. District 12 represent !!!
On our way home Monday we saw a tiny little bird helplessly jumping away. He couldnt fly so I picked him up and took him home. I named him Onsie and while my companion tried to feed him he got scared and jumped under the bed and into my roommates luggage.
After that we put him outside and he jumped away it was so sad. He even looked back once more before jumping away. He was so cute.
This week we had a total of 8 investigators, that means we taught about 12 lessons just this week!!!!  I had an amazing experience this week. Our teacher brought his inactive friend and we shared with her a message about prayer. She explained to us all the problems she was going through, like bulimia and alcoholism. I was truly led by the spirit and bore my testimony with her. Her and I both started crying and she told us she was going to go back to church and go on a mission. She was our first real investigator and it felt amazing!
Today we went to the Mexico City Temple. Since the temple was closed we just went to the visitor center, but it was incredible.We got to go through Mexico city. It was the first time we left the CCM. We were really excited!
 DSC_0422 (1)
DSC_0521 (3)
DSC_0420 (3)
DSC_0423 (1)
DSC_0428 (1)
DSC_0432 (1)
DSC_0444 (1)
DSC_0448 (2)
DSC_0491 (3)
DSC_0495 (1)
DSC_0499 (2)
DSC_0503 (2)
 It was the most beautiful visitor center I have ever attended. Even better than the Salt Lake City one. They even have a Christus statue! We went through a tour, visited the store, and took pictures outside. I felt the spirit so strongly during the tour about families, where you go through all the rooms and hear the story of a family. I am so grateful we can be with our families forever!
DSC_0457 (2)
DSC_0459 (1)
DSC_0463 (1)
DSC_0464 (2)
DSC_0465 (1)
DSC_0471 (1)
DSC_0474 (2)
DSC_0475 (1)
DSC_0476 (1)
DSC_0480 (2)
DSC_0482 (1)
DSC_0484 (2)
DSC_0489 (3)
DSC_0490 (1)
Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Carlson

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