Happy not so Cinco de Mayo!

I cant believe that Mexico doesn’t really celebrate Cinco de Mayo. I was expecting a huge party or at least somebody mentioning is, but nope. On a somewhat happier note I am almost out in the field!!! I have less than a week left before I will be on a plane on my way to Omaha, Nebraska. That went by soooo fast!!! 

This week I don´t have very many pictures because I forgot to bring my camera during our district picture session. It all good though because they are going to send it to me and I will post them here ASAP!
Lets start off with a really cute story. We were playing volleyball last week and a little six year old Hispanic boy, names Antonio, asks us to play soccer with him. My companion and I were down and as we started playing a little seven year old comes over to join his name was Oscar. We played for an hour before we had to go. They were amazing little players!
DSC_0525 (2)
Did I mention that Mexico Farts? It really does! It smells so bad especially after it rains! It gets cold at night and we walk to class in the dark, then around 10am it gets warm and it keeps getting hotter until about 12. Then at 1 the rain clouds come in and it is either cloudy the rest of the day or it rains the rest of the night. Mexico is pretty bipolar, almost as bipolar as Utah.
This week I bore my testimony in sacrament, IN ESPAÑOL, and it was an amazing experience. I started crying a little when I talked about Gods love for us and the Atonement. My testimony has grown so much while I have been here. I am also really amazed at how much I’m improving in Spanish, I didn’t really even notice my progress!
Our lessons just keep getting better. I have been getting a lot of inspiration while reading the scriptures and use that in our lessons. I always follow the spirit and I surprisingly feel really prepared to teach in the field. I am so excited to help real people find their way to Christ!
Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Carlson

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