With Conquering the World Comes Every Sort of Events!

We taught a gay guy named Alejandro. He’s pretty funny. He likes to exercise with his boyfriend at the gym though neither one of them look in shape. He loves the sister missionaries!

One of our investigators was arrested this week for hiding drugs. She claimed she had cancer and wanted to be baptized but it turns out she was addicted to drugs and wanted free service with cleaning her house and fixing up her lawn. That was a bummer.
Zone Conference was centered on families this week. We were taught about goals we should have with our future families. President said, “Map out your future but be sure to do it in pencil.” We learned how important families are in God’s plan and the best time to prepare is on a mission!
We visited a 13 year old girl named Casandra. She has already read half the Book of Mormon! She is really ready. She is very smart and a person that Moroni would call, “A sober child.” We are excited to continue teaching her.
Elizabeth is getting baptized on Sunday. There is a bunch of stuff to do and put together but she is so excited and so are we! Our first baptism!!!
We went to the hospital to visit a little girl that had an emergeny appendix surgery. It was humbling to see her dad taking care of her and her family supporting her. It is evident with everything in our lives that we have a loving Heavenly Father taking care of us too. We are in good hands…the Best Hands.
DSC_0822[1] (1)
One young man in our ward, Jeff, just graduated from high school. We both got the impression to ask him to baptize Elizabeth. We feel this will help him a lot and be a great experience for him! Jeff said he is starting to study more and gain a stronger testimony.
Sunday morning we went to a less actives house. We made them breakfast and helped them pick out outfits. For the first time in about 6-8 months they came to church!!
With them, 3 of our less actives came to church and 1 investigator!
Hurrah for Israel!
A family from the church gave us money to go eat at Panda Express and Canes!
DSC_0808[1] (1)
We had a crazy week!
Con Mucho Amor!
Sister Kelsey Carlson

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