A Baptism

We hit the week off great…by being sick. It was a nice break but there’s nothing like being out and working super hard until the sun goes down.

The young man in our ward that was going to baptize Elizabeth called us the beginning of this week and said he “didn’t want to.” So we decided to run over to his house to see what the real problem was. He said he had done something he shouldn’t have and was unworthy to baptize her. This made us sad but mostly for him. We want to get him involved so that he can enjoy the blessings of a mission too.
The baptism was awesome though! Tons of people came and so did tons of food!! Poor Elizabeth didn’t plug her nose the first time so she stood straight up in the middle of being dunked. She had to do it again but was pretty scared to. Brother Ortega, the man baptizing her, had to push her under the water. it was pretty funny but it worked. She’s now baptized and an official member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! We had to hurry at the end though because a tornado was rolling in. We never saw it though.
DSC_0843 (1)
DSC_0845 (1)
We ate papusas with a member. Basically, they are the most amazing food on the face of the earth. It’s a tortilla thing with cheese, meat, and beans in the middle. You put pickled cabbage and salsa on top. They’re to die for!
Sunday morning we walked inside a Catholic Church. It was really different but it opened our eyes to how many children of God there are and how much work us Nebraska Omaha missionaries have to do!
This morning we went to the zoo. It is huge! And very beautiful! A lady in our ward takes us–Hermana Niklitschek. She served a mission too so it’s always fun to be around her and learn from her experiences!
DSC_0847 (1)
DSC_0857 (1)
DSC_0863 (1)
DSC_0864 (1)
DSC_0868 (1)
DSC_0880 (1)
DSC_0886 (1)
DSC_0920 (1)
DSC_0947 (1)
DSC_0954 (1)
There’s a bunch of new experiences here! It’s so hot and humid with many tornado warnings. There’s a ton of Hispanics and tons of work to do! This is definitely the best mission in the world…on any of the worlds!!!
DSC_0840 (1)
Hermana Carlson

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