CrAzY Tornado Week!

This week I will have been in Omaha for an entire month! Time is flying!

The craziest thing that happened this week was the TORNADO!!! We had hail the size of golf balls and got stuck in a flood!!! I repeat we got got stuck in a flood!! Our car almost flooded but we were able to get to higher ground and went around and helped other people whose cars were stuck. The water went up to our knees! It was crazy, but people recognized us as the Mormons and now they will remember who we are. Since we were stuck the Elder had to come pick us up and take us to safety. Even my companion started to cry! It was the craziest day ever.

DSC_0975 (1)

DSC_0968 (1)


DSC_0970 (1)

DSC_0974 (1)


So last pday we went to walmart and I asked to withdrawl 40 dollars, but he gave me 60 normally I would have taken the money, but I went back and gave the 20 dollars back. It made me feel really good inside. Honesty is Awesome!

I don’t know if I have told you about our investigator named Cassandra. Shes 13 and really smart and has already read most of the book of Mormon. This week she said she might get baptized. I am the one who contacted her so I am really excited to help her come into the church.

Also this week I ATE NACHO LIBRE CORN! I don’t know what the real name is but in nacho libre when he says get that corn out of my face.

This week we started helped an investigator couple build actually fix up an old house! I learned how to sand, and plaster, and paint, and garden! We spent the entire day there and then on Sunday they came to church. There names are Ramon y Izela. Izela is a little cray cray she likes to pinch our butts! haha she’s silly.

This week we went to Chipotle! It was so delicious. It reminded me of Café Rio. Sometimes members don’t have time to feed us (we get fed every night) and so they give us money and I wanted to go to Chipotle.


Another night we went to a scary little Mexican taco truck and it was really good. My companion got Tacos de Lengua. Yuk!

DSC_1050 (1)


Well serving a mission is one of the hardest things I have ever decided to do, but it was also the best decision I have made. I know I am supposed to be here and everyday things get easier and more fun. I hope all of you are doing as well as I am. Look for the Hand of the Lord in all things!

Con Mucho Amour,

Hermana Carlson


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