A Death

I actually love these people. This week our investigator, Hermano Tapia’s, mother passed away and we arrived shortly after he recieved the news. As we spoke about the plan of salvation and the atonement I felt his pain and started to cry. I hardly knew this man, but I finally realized what it was like to mourn with those that mourn. I wont soon forget the moment that I was able to feel as the Savior did.
This week was my 3 month anniversary of being a missionary. Goodness time flies! It was also the 4th of July so happy 4th everyone!
Some of the amazing experiences I had this week were 3 of our investigators cluthing thier hearts and saying “I feel something in my chest. I’ve never felt it before.” When I look into their eyes and tell them it’s the Holy Ghost I feel so overwhelmed with joy and the spirit. I love it.
We spent the 4th with a wonderful family who we have been trying to be friends with for a while. We felt so priveldged. It was so fun, but as we drove home memories of holidays past flooded my memory and it just made me happy that I made this sacrifice to go on a mission and that I have many 4th’s to come.
CSC_0033 (5)
This week we also had a less active youth come with us to a lesson. After he started crying and is really thinking about going on a mission.
I am sooo blessed to be a missionary and my greatest desire is that you guys at home can be blessed like I am.
Hermana Carlson

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