There were so many miracles this week it was incredible! Our President has asked us to pray for miracles and always thank God for them. Boy have we seen a lot!!!

This week we went over on miles so to get to district meeting we had to walk for 2 1/2 hours!!! Thankfully someone took us back to our apartment 🙂 Later that night we found out we were counting from the wrong day and that we had 200 extra miles! MIRACLE!

This week we played soccer twice with the ward! So much fun! There were three girls playing most of them adult men I’d say about 25 people and guess what ?!? I made a goal!!!!! MIRACLE!

We had to move out of our house because they are putting in a new parking lot and we lost our phone and didn’t know how to get to the house of the sisters we were staying with. We knocked on our neighbors doors at 10pm and finally a sweet lady opened up. Miracle. She let us call the girls and we stayed at our apartment that night. The next morning during exercise I prayed and found the phone in our huge backyard. MIRACLE. Then we listened to the voice mails and our mission President had called and said he was going to call the police. Thankfully the girls we were staying with let him know just before he had ringed up the fuzz. MIRACLE.

This week was transfers and surprise were staying together, our companion and I that is, BUT we got new elders in the Spanish ward here. They are really cool and are ready to work hard 🙂 MIRACLE.


DSC_1653 (2)


This week we visited Elizabeth she was baptized 3 weeks ago and while we sat on her couch we realized we had many little bed bugs running all over us. We quickly ended the lesson ran out side, but for fear that we would infestate the car we put on our service clothes and sealed up the infested stuff in a bag.

This week I made mini apple pies! They are so cute right 🙂 Well I turned on the oven and there was a pan of oil in there and ring ring ring the fire alarm went off. Classic right? The pies tasted yummy though MIRACLE!


DSC_1661 (2)

We visited one of the young women this week who works at cold stone and she gave us a 50% discount on ice cream! yum yum yum. Miracle!


DSC_1665 (5)


There was a wedding this Sunday and only the missionaries were invited because they love us 🙂 They were married in the bishops office and they color coordinated in blue so cute!

Also on Sunday our dinner appointment canceled on us and we were really hungry after praying we felt we should go in the church. They were having a ward activity and not only did we get fed and make new friends but we got food to take home too! MIRACLE!

Our calendar was filled up this week! Miracle. The most amazing miracle was that there is this wonderful family called the NIcolischek’s they are so sweet, but the husband is an American lawyer with fiery red hair that we never thought would want to be friends with us (who by the way is working on a murder case right now). Well he comes up to us at church and said the 4th of july is his first free day in months and he invited us over for dinner. We almost screamed in happiness because we never thought he would ever like us. Even his wonderful wife was surprised. MIRACLE!

On a sad note. One of the teen in our ward that we were working with to get his papers in for a mission was put in jail. His mom was so sad and please please everyone pray for the Garcia family!

But the Miracle I am most excited to share with all of you this week is that HE SAID YES!!! Hector that is. We got him as a referral from the English sisters because he spoke Spanish and we visited him for the first time on Saturday. Well while we started talking to him I received this overwhelming prompting to ask him to be baptized. I thought “Holy Ghost we just met this guy and I have never asked a person to baptism this can’t be right.” Well I got it again and I asked him. He told me he had been baptized as a catholic and what the difference was. Well I explained to him why he must be baptized now. After I finished my companion changed the subject and as soon as she finished he looked back at me and said “You said there is a baptismal service in 3 weeks?” Yes I replied and he accepted to be baptized just like that!!! I cannot express the joy I felt in that moment!!! HE SAID YES!!! We talked to him again on Sunday and him and his daughter will be baptized July 20 exactly the day before my birthday. What an amazing gift I will be getting this year 🙂 What a beautiful Miracle.


DSC_1689 (3)


Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Carlson


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