The Baptism Question

So I feel like I got rejected a few times. We asked 3 very ready people to baptism and they said no.

1. Cassandra. I love this girl and last week she told us she was ready to get baptized and that she would ask her mom. When we met with her this week she said her mom wanted her to wait a few more years before making a decision. 😦 She tells all her friends about her experience she had of feeling the Holy Ghost while praying though! She has a really strong testimony.

2. Hermano Tapia (and his wife who is waiting on his decision). We asked him to baptism and he said his heart hurt, but because his mother recently died he took that as a negative answer and not a prompting of the Holy Ghost. He is amazing though and someday I know he will get baptized. In fact this week they were doing a Rosary for his mother who died (where we had some really amazing tamales) and he started telling his friend there all about the gospel without us even saying anything!!! It was so cool.

Some really funny things happened this week!

– We met a black lady named Maggie who my companion had contacted before I got to Omaha. We went out to lunch at Village Inn and she told us about she got our text that was signed “Scott & Carlson.” She looked at the names and didn’t realize they were last names and so she thought two guys were texting her. Then she laughed and said “I thought two gay guys were texting me.” we couldn’t stop laughing. We were going to hand her over to the English missionaries, but later she texted us and asked if the church could help her pay her bills. When we told her no she said she would look for a different church. Sad. Hopefully we planted a seed though.

– Later that day we went to get some gas for our car. All was normal until my companion screams and calls for help. I run out flinging my earing across the parking lot and see gas waterfalling out of our tank. She couldn’t stop it and I told her to tell the person inside. I clutched the handle and surprise it turned off. I told my companion, but she was so freaked out that she kept running inside. When she finally realized I had turned it off we laughed so hard because she didn’t know how to turn off a gas pump.

– Another time we were praying with some teenagers and after a long fight between sibiling we decided it was the youngers ones turn to say the prayer. He had been going for a good while when he blurted out, “I did it last time it really is your turn today.” After convincing him to say is between laughs he finally finished it.

On the scary side this week at soccer the boys got a little too rough and a little kid got knocked out. It was so scary and since my companion and I were the only girls the entire group of men at least 20 of them stood and just starred. We were able to get him some water and wake him up, but it almost stopped my heart!

Do you remember Hector? The guys who I asked to baptism? He came to church for the first time on Sunday! They are a beautiful family and I am really excited for their baptism on the 27th!!!

Miss you guys 🙂

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Carlson


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