Who’s Turning 20? Me?

Well this is unreal. I am not a teenager anymore. Does that mean I have to start acting like an adult now? Hahaha

So what a crazy week to end being a teenager.
We started off the week with transfers.
DSC_0075[1] (1)
I love our STL’s they are wonderful. I got to speak only english for the entire day. I am not going to lie I love being a spanish sister.
This week we went out with a Girl named Gianelli. She wants to go on a mission and she got to spend a few hours with us teaching some people. She is a sweet heart!
Did I tell you we contacted a boy at Subway named Keegan. This week he asked us on a date…. Dropped.
New update: Sadly my companion lost her driving priveledges sooooo I GET TO DRIVE. Scary… for everyone on the road. Just Kidding.
Gracias Tia Gloria! My aunt send me a beautiful package of notes and decorations for my birthday it made me feel so special!
DSC_0175[1] (1)
So yesterday I walked into church and there in the lobby was a beautiful HUGE arrangement of flowers. The elders there pointed to them and said they were for me. They were like 3 feet tall and the most beautiful roses I have ever seen. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH I almost cried right there!
I love you family!
DSC_0196[1] (2)
During church the little chidren all drew me pictures for my birthday and everyone was so sweet and wished me happy birthday!
Later we had an amazing gourmet dinner of bruchetta, steak, asparagus, and cheesy potatoes. Mark had a really gorgeous cat.
DSC_0188[1] (2)
This morning the Sister surprised me by singing happy birthday and putting a candle in muffins they baked for me and decorated the living room with balloons. It was really sweet!
DSC_0198[1] (1)
Then a lady from the ward took us to some beautiful gardens in the morning. Just like Thanksgiving Point. How did she know I loved gardens?
DSC_0227[1] (2)
DSC_0232[1] (2)
DSC_0233[1] (1)
DSC_0246[1] (1)
After this the Mission President’s wife is taking a few of us sisters to Old Market. It’s one of the most popular shopping area and outdoor life in Omaha. I am really excited!!!!
Later tonight my favorite family in the ward is taking us out to eat at a restaurant for my birthday!!!
Thank you to everyone who send me letters and email. Those birthday wishes mean the world to me!!!
Con mucho Amor,
Hermana Carlson

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