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I feel like this should be the sequel to my other post titled HE SAID YES!!! Because there are some serious miracles going down here in Omaha.

I can’t wait I am just going to say it. Well we to Edumiar’s house (a cute little hispanic in her 20’s who is a school teacher). We sit down with her and talk I kid you not for about 10 minutes and just like Hector’s story I felt that prompting to ask her to baptism. Again. Well the Spirit taught me a lesson last time so I wasn’t going to second guess it. I asked her and she looked at me like “duh” and said she wanted to be baptized. I silently was screaming in my head. Lighting does strike in the same place twice. So I don’t think I told you guys, but because we have been so busy we have changed Hector’s baptism to August 2nd (to finish teaching him the lessons) and I just got off the phone with the bishop who said that if He gets baptized and confirmed this week he will be able to baptize his daughter next Sunday! I don’t know if I can handle all these blessings.
Also, Also!!! The sister of the wonderful Valenzuela family after years and years has decided to be baptized! Literally the elders handed her over to us two weeks ago and didn’t think she was progressing and the first time we go over there she asked us if she could be baptized within the week. Um yes… yes you can!
Cassandra has been prepared for many weeks to be baptized, but her mom is hesistant. This week though they threw me a party for my birthday on Wednesday, because Monday was PDay. Cassandra used the money she had earned from babysitting to buy all the food and her busy mom cooked the entire day for us. We had an amazing time and I feel it wont be long until both Cassandra and her family will be baptized! Cassandra after she felt the Holy Ghost for the first time told us that she has been telling everyone about it!
The Tapia’s are doing good too after his mom died he has been reading the Book of Mormon almost daily.
We are also working with some teens in the ward to get them on missions and it has been going great!
This week we went to the temple I had the most amazing experience. I read a talk about consecrating our temple experiences and I was able to study, fast, go to the temple, and receive the things I was asking for from the Lord. Temples truly are the house of the Lord and I have the strongest testimony of that. As we were about to leave I turned to my friend and said, ” I wish I could stay here forever” and she said “me too.” I am such a blessed person!
Oh the birthday was great! I will never forget it and literally it probably was one of the best I ever had. LIKE EVER. I felt so loved and happy.
After I emailed some Sisters drove over with the mission president’s wife (who by the way is an angel and am so lucky she had time to visit me out of the 200 and something missionary who are serving in Nebraska. I love her so much!) and they brought me a box of Krispy Kreme with balloons and took me to Old Market (a shopping district) where she bought me the Mission Ring (a ring that every sister in the mission buys) and then we went out to ice cream and shopped.
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After we drove to the Valuenzuela family they took me out to a Chinese Buffet!!! Oh my goodness how did they know I was craving that! The waiters of course embarrassed me by singing, but made up for it by serving me cheesecake!!! (Literally I was praying I could eat cheesecake on my birthday honestly I was) They were so sweet and are one of the most celestial families on the planet. They are not very well off and that huge sacrifice they made to take me out to eat on my birthday was so overwhelming that I cried on the car ride home. I am a lucky lucky girl!
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I got my birthday package from my family the next day which was like I was a whole new birthday and the party continued the next day when Cassandra’s family made a party for me! Literally it’s like I had a 3 day long party!!!! I was sooo happy 🙂
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Thank you everyone for your love! I love you so much 🙂
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Carlson

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