It happened. Transfers. I lost my trainer. Does that mean I am not a Greenie no more 🙂 !!!!
Bitter Sweet Moment.
Sister Miller is awesome though (my new comp), she is like my twin except she is 6 feet tall. Literally we have the exact same interests in everyway. I mean who wants to travel the world, cook, and shop for the rest of their lives… and be a forever missionary of course!
This week started off amazing because Sister Weston took us to Chipotle!!! My favorite restaurant out here so far. I love fresh americanized mexican comida! Sister Weston is like an angel literally my companion had an in depth discussion yesterday if she was just an apparition because she is such a perfect being!
On Tuesday we had lunch at Great Harvest and visited a little pet shop! It was so fun I love animals and there was a puppy who tried to play with me from behind the glass. I even got to hold a bird.
The end of the week was hard. Sister Scott had to say goodbye. Everyone was really sad. Some of the members even took us out to a Michiocana!

​The morning going to transfer point was a silent car ride and I think I am still in shock that my “mom” is gone. A few hours later Sister Miller arrived and we were so excited to meet. She makes instant friends with everyone we meet and she is such an inspiration to me!

On Sunday we had another baptism, Serenity’s (Hectors Daughter). Hector is amazing I know he is going to be a bishop in the next few years. He got to baptize his daughter and Serenity’s looked so beautiful as she made that covenant. I will never forget it. I love their family so much!
CSC_0546[1] (1)
Well endings are sad, but I love new beginnings. I am so excited to work with Sister Miller and I am so grateful for everything Sister Scott taught me. 
Thanks for all your support!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Carlson

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