Wow Omaha is great! Especially the people!
This week we got to go downtown to a little place called old market. Cobblestone paved street, boutiques, and great food. We went into a place called Hollywood Candy so yummy and fun!
DSC_0570[1] (1)

photo (4)
This week we got to meet an amazing family called the Huisars. If you didn’t know it you would know they weren’t Mormon! They even said the phrase “God’s eternal plan of happiness for the family” Well after the third lesson they told us they would never go to our church and that the Book of Mormon didn’t convince them. They invited us to come to their church. “When?” we asked Thursday from 11-3 they responded… in the middle of the night. Well needless to say we couldn’t go but our president had a good laugh hearing about it.
We learned to make chocoflan from Hermana Ortega in the ward so delicious and another member made Café Rio salads because she knew we missed them 🙂 We have the sweetest members ever!
This week we became adventurous as we decided to try a Czek restaurant. We had liver soup and boiled beef. Verdict… really delicious!
We had a crazy busy week, but we got some really good advice from leaders and we are making plans for an amazing miracle filled time here in Omaha!
Love you all!

Hermana Carlson 

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