August 25

Wow this was the scariest week so far. I had to sing in front of a lot of people. Butterflies. By the way we wrote the song the night before and the girl playing the people didn’t see the sheet music until just that morning oh and did I mention my companion and I both had colds complete with sore throats and coughing. What could go wrong? Nothing right! 

Well imagine my surprise when everything went right… 
Heavenly father really blessed my companion and I as we sang our song we wrote about Christ and the Atonement. It went really well. I wish I could upload videos on these emails 😦 Well the spirit was so strong and I am just so grateful we could help Zone Conference by just sharing our talents.  
This was such an event filled week. We visited Old Market and started our gluten free diet, doctors orders, but this cupcake was surprisingly good for not having any gluten in it. 
We went to a young single adult in our wards birthday party! She turned 21 and she the coolest cake. It was made out of watermelon! Thank you Pinterest!
We are also going to start volunteering at the animal shelter and while filling out applications got to say hello to these little guys 🙂
For dinner we went to a farmers market and they had a little farm. They had the cutest little piggies!

This week Omaha had a Greek Festival!!! OPA! We had Gyros, Baklava, and Flaming Cheese! They had some wonderful Greek Dancers and we got to meet some wonderful people!

This week Bishop Spangler, who is one of the most amazing people in this world, he came out to visit Yesenia, one of our investigators, this week. We had a very spiritual moment and I really think she is progressing and will be baptized soon!
But the thing I just cant wait to tell you is that Cassandra came! After 3 months she finally came to church! Because she is 13 we got to go to Young Womens with her and I was so thrilled. She loved it and our next step is getting her family to come. I love missionary work!
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Carlson

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