September 8

I am not going to lie this week started off bad… we got Flu Shots. Uck. 

Don’t worry it got a lot better though!
This week we had dun dun dun… SpAnIsH cOnFeReNcE!!!
It was great all us Spanish missionaries count the days until one of these roll around and they are great! Some of the spanish sisters from other zones came to sleep over at our house and the next day we heard from Bishop Spangler he is our bishop and he is amazing!!!
Us trying to be normal…
Us actually being normal.
DSC_0886 (2)
We visited the Joslyn Art Museum this week. It is so beautiful!!! This was my favorite piece.
The Senior Missionaries took us out to dinner this week to a Mexican Restaurant. They are the sweetest people on the planet.
Our ward had an Mexico Independence Day Party it was so fun and we were able to get some sweet contacts!
I was so excited this week because my little Urquidez family is making new friends in the ward. We got to go to a members house and eat dinner with them and the Urquidez and they really opened up! I love them so much and so happy I could be a part of their life! P.S. Cassandra is really progressing! She has come to church twice already!!!
Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Carlson

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