January 26, 2015

I’ve been Transferred!!!!!
… to Sioux City Iowa!!!
My new companion is Sister Kennion!!! She’s a Sweetheart 🙂
I am really going to miss Sister Savage, but now she’s a mommy!!! She’s training!
We went out to Southern Kitchen or something for our last meal together, they had Aligator on the Menu. I would have gotten it, but it was a little pricey. Someday! Look at our cute Mardi Gra necklaces and this fancy King cape thingy!
DSC_1013 (1)
Well from the moment I got here I was sooooo excited!!! I have heard so much about this area and as soon as I met the people, I knew I was supposed to be here! One of the member even told me she knew me from a dream she had.
​We visited a lot of members and one of them had cute little puppies!!!
Miracle of the Week: We visited a referral family and they let us in. He said he would only meet with us if we were willing to take the risk of being converted to Catholicism… we said yes if he was willing to take the risk of being converted to Mormonism 🙂
Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Carlson

One comment

  1. I love reading about your adventures in your mission. You have truly grown up to be a beautiful young lady.

    Love your cousin Ani.

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