July 27, 2015

This week was my birthday! I tried to keep it a secret, but everyone seemed to find out, and did so many sweet things for me.

The best part was that I had been praying for a miracles that day, and I got it! We went to an investigators home and her non interested husband opened the door. We began to talk and soon became friends. He listened to the Plan of Salvation lesson with his wife, and said he would read the Book of Mormon!
My companion was so sweet and bought me Escargot and carrot cake for lunch
The wonderful Ellis family invited all the sisters in the area to dinner and we had a wonderful night
Perla Flory took me out to get SUSHI!!! The next day 🙂
The Vilma, Yoxi, Ruby and the Elders threw me a huge birthday party and smashed my face in the cake.
Sara Barraza made an amazing breakfast and made me little birthday cakes.
and so many other people wished me happy birthday and were so sweet! Even my little trainee, Sister Reynolds, contacted the mission presidents wife to wish me a happy birthday.
I am so lucky to be loved! All these people are amazing! I love serving the Lord. You always get back more than what you give out. That is soooo true!
Sorry my camera died… I will send pictures next week!
I love this gospel, IT IS TRUE! I love the Lord. Read, Pray, and Act, that is what brings true happiness in this life. I know because I live it everyday!
Con Carino,
Hermana Carlson

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