Argentinan Empanadas

This week was AMAZING as always, I am still waiting for a week where I am not busy 24/7, but honestly between you and I, I never want that day to come. I love filling my life with experiences that help me to help others and grow! This life is to be lived to the fullest everyday πŸ™‚ An amazing companion I once had told me wake up telling yourself that today will be the BEST day of your life so far, and then make it happen!

Before I go on, it snowed for the first time this week!!! #snowselfie

2015-11-05 12.16.50
In other news I was in the BYUSA office, Brennan, the guy next to me in the office and I started chatting, and I found out he was the President of BYU. It was super cool to hear how he started off, surprisingly in my same position, and now he was the President. He talked to me about the ways I could get more involved and help the students at BYU to have a better experience here at school. We ended up talking for a long time and now I am so excited to go out there and help my community!

Sister Kennion came to visit me this weekend, she is such a sweetheart to drive all the way from SLC, but I was so excited to see her!!! We had a great time and we loved reminiscing on amazing mission experiences we went through together!

2015-11-07 16.22.33
When I visited my grandparents visited this weekend, I was surprised to find one of the missionaries that helped in their conversion there. I was so excited to meet and thank him for helping convert my family! If it wasn’t for missionaries like him my mother would never have come to Utah where she eventually met my father and now here I am just back from serving a mission. It is amazing to see the chain reaction that come about from the effort of one person working together with others that Heavenly Father puts into our path to help His children return back to Him.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.22.46 AM

My cousin Efrian got his mission call this week!!!! He is going to Mexico City, Mexico!!! He is the second person in our family to go on a mission, it is a huge blessing to our family! I have already seen how it affects everyone, even my non member families showed up to support him. I am blessed to be in an amazing family! He is so excited to serve and I know he will be a stellar missionary, he already has the spirit so strong! He is so lucky to be starting off an this epic adventure, I sometimes wish I could be in those shoes again πŸ™‚

One of my absolute favorite talk is by Elder JΓΆrg Klebingat, called Approaching the Throne of God with Confidence, it brings me back to a time in mission that I hold so dear to my heart. I had an amazing companion that had to leave the mission because of medical issues. It broke my heart, she was an incredible missionary, and she had become my absolute best friend. I was transferred to the furthest area from the mission home and my current area that I could go.

I found myself in a Trio in the beginning of Winter in an new area, with new companions, I was still a fairly new missionary, the branch attendance was small, we didn’t have a car in our giant area, and the list could go on in my little negative view in those days. I missed my old area, the people, and everything! I didn’t want to be in Grand Island.

I ended up only being there for about 6 weeks, but I grew so much in such a short period of time. My companions became my best friends and I feel like I was being trained all over again. I learned so much about following the spirit, working hard, putting others needs before your own, forgiveness, I could go on but that’s a discussion for a different time.

General conference was during this time and as I listened to this talk by Elder Klebingat, my life changed forever. Tears flowed down my cheeks as the principles he shared penetrated my heart. Daily repentance made me think a lot and I remember thinking that even though I knew I had a fairly clean conscience that I wanted to have a completely clean slate in life. I reflected on my life and if I could think of anyone in my life I needed to apologize or forgive, I decided to write to them. So I did, I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy, I shed many tears, I never knew how painful and scary putting a envelope in a mail box or pushing a send button could be.



To this day and forever, I will continue to repent immediately and thoroughly. I want to be worthy of the spirit and I need to be clean to feel that. The happiness that comes from having a peaceful conscience doesn’t allow me very long to not repent or forgive someone. Even when it’s embarrassing, I care “more about when God thinks and let the consequence follow,” and if the consequence is using the atonement to be always clean and that when I take the sacrament I can do so with joy, IT IS WORTH IT.

I Love Immediate Repentance πŸ™‚

And now for the recipe!


I have a good friend who served his mission in Argentina and gave me this amazing recipe for empanadas.

Pie Crust for the equivalent of two pie crusts (The exact amount that this recipe makes)

1 Medium onion, diced

1 lb. Ground Beef

4 Eggs, boiled and quartered

1/2 C Raisins

1/2 C chopped green olives

1 C oil (divided)

2 Tb Cumin

1 Tb Paprika


Fry the onion in 1/2 C oil over medium heat, until browned.


Roll out pie crust dough thinly and cut out into circles with a diameter of 4-6 inches.


Add the ground beef and raisins to the browned onions, and cook over medium until the meat is browned.


Add the remaining ingredients to the meat mixture and cook for 2 minutes.

In a separate frying pan, heat the remaining oil over medium heat in preparation to fry the empanadas.


Place a spoonful of the meat mixture into the pie crust circles.


Fold over half and use a fork to seal the sides together.


Put the empanadas into the heated oil and turn over when golden brown.

Cool on paper towel to absorb the oil.

edited 2

Serve and Enjoy!

Have a wonderful week!




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