© Melea Nelson 2016

Few things about mwah.

I love…

a. Cooking

b. Travel

c. Photography

d. And anything else that tickles my fancy…

I am currently in college and a true girly girl, who loves to try new things.

I am LDS and love my Heavenly Father and am so grateful for his small and large miracles in my life.

I dream big and love adventures.

I am truly excited to share with you the new hills I visit and berries I taste along the way.



Adventure Status: The College Life at Brigham Young University


One comment

  1. HI COUSIN !!

    Im doing ok. thanks for writing to me and everyone else in here.
    in our house we are all doing ok.my family has been busy
    working in our house, my sister has been working in her job of dental
    assistance, Justin grew a little and we are doing mostly the same.

    this past season has been nice. there were few rainy and dark days
    it was perfect for being physically active but now its
    gotten colder and that is still nice.

    grandma floras birthday was this past friday the 10th of last week.
    we had a reunion in the activities salon. we had almost everyone
    in the family and we had a fun time together dancing and making
    some funnies; its fun seeing your dad dance and uncle Rudy’s jok-
    ing is really funny. grandma flora really misses you and i thought
    to ask please to write to both our grandparents.

    its been really fun reading your letter you have grown a lot.
    your testimony sounds neat and we liked listening to it when
    we read it. we hope you keep growing in your mission and
    things keep going as well as they are doing right now. gran-
    ma and grandpa and all of us send greetings and hope to s
    ee you soon.

    with kind regards,

    Jessen artanduaga

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